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KUMIKO™ Skincare

KUMIKO™ is the first anti-aging dermocosmetic line that combines Mesotherapy, 100% Organic Japanese Matcha Tea extract and cutting-edge Encapsulation Technology into unique multi-action formulas, that penetrate the dermis with powerful anti-aging and lifting benefits. KUMIKO™ provides effective solutions to skincare needs, for a healthy and radiant appearance.

The entire KUMIKO™ line is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. It is multigenerational and for all skin biotypes. An anti-aging brand for those who seek quality and high-performance dermocosmetic solutions and feel alluded to when talking about beauty and self-care.

Building beauty from within becomes a lifestyle that highlights the individuality and essence of each one. An invitation to dedicate time to ourselves, to self-love, in order to love others. This is KUMIKO™.

Our Founder: Catalina Aguirre  

Journalist, teacher and esthetician-cosmetologist guided by an altruistic focus. After a long career as a journalist, she decided to immerse herself in another of her passions: cosmetology.

After finishing her studies, Cata began working with one of the leaders and pioneers in the field, Chilean cosmetologist Dr. Carmen Moren, with whom she quickly became interested in the science behind this passion: the health and appearance of the skin as key elements in personal confidence and self-love.

In 2017, Cata created KUMIKO™, an anti-aging dermocosmetic line made in Barcelona, using Japanese Matcha Tea combined with her experience with Mesotherapy treatment and Encapsulation Technology, to work the skin from the inside out.

The brand entered the Chilean market in 2018, followed by the United States and Mexico. Currently, KUMIKO™ is successfully consolidating its planned international expansion.

Partnership with Ricky Martin

"I feel better every time I use them and my skin has changed" - Ricky

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Puerto Rican singer, actor and philanthropist wanted to start focusing on well-being. "It all started with this desire to create something of beneficial impact, and suddenly KUMIKO™ comes to me."

What attracted him the most about the brand is that it protects animals and that it uses matcha tea on its formulas, as well as the immediate results he saw on his own skin after using the products.

In early 2021 and after a year using the full line of products, Ricky sealed the partnership with KUMIKO™ Skincare. 

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