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Specific Treatment Products

KUMIKO™ specific or localized treatments are those products with a higher concentration of active ingredients to achieve tangible benefits from the dermis to the visible layers of the epidermis, with a focus on short- and long-term action. They target specific skin concerns more efficiently and are used to achieve results in precise areas.

All KUMIKO™ specific treatment products complement each other, thanks to the fact that each formulation is based on the principles of mesotherapy, which achieves synergy between the different active ingredients that make it up. Also, the encapsulation technology present in the entire line helps the compounds to act with the best performance from the deepest layers, achieving the benefits of each formulation and its best anti-aging performance.

Do you need to intensively repair and revitalize your skin?
Matcha Intense Recovery Proteoglycans Plus, the #1 by KUMIKO™: Unique anti-aging concentrated serum, presented in vials, that defends the skin against multiple signs of cellular degenerative damage, with an advanced combination of antioxidants and moisturizers, acting against loss of firmness, wrinkles and fine lines.

Is it possible to truly restructure and restore skin?
Matcha Supreme Cellular Restoration Mask: An ultra-nourishing facial cream mask, with restorative technology, that helps correct skin's visible signs of aging and photodamage. Restores radiance and firmness. It gives luminosity and vitality, as it oxygenates and restructures the tissues. Intensely re-sculpts the skin.

Is there a really effective anti-wrinkle facial serum?
Matcha Lift Filler Booster: A serum that protects against aging by increasing the skin’s defenses from oxidative stress. It is a multi-benefit formula that complements the naturally restorative powers of the skin helping to visibly lift and firm the skin for young looking density. The combination of antioxidants works to maintain healthy cell membranes and neutralize external agents that cause loss of smoothness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Do you want an exceptional rejuvenating treatment for eyes and lips?
Matcha Sculpting Eye Lift: A multi-corrective for the eyes and lips contour that reduces visible signs of aging, such as swelling, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. This intensely nourishing formula helps lift, firm and define these fragile areas of the face.



MATCHA SCULPTING EYE LIFT - Multi-Corrective Eye and Lip Treatment


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