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Real benefits and results certified by Clinical Test BEFORE & AFTER


KUMIKO is an anti-aging dermocosmetic brand that exhibits the tangible and evident changes achieved with the continuous use of its formulas. These were supported in the BEFORE & AFTER Clinical Test, carried out at Clínica La Parva (CLP), in the second half of 2023, and certified by its director, Doctor Pedro Vidal. CLP is a renowned medical center in Santiago, Chile, specialized in dermoaesthetics and plastic-reconstructive surgery, which has expert and accredited professionals in different specialities.

We did a transparent exercise, with true images and without any retouching or Photoshop, in a group of women like you and us —so that you can be identify—, in which you can appreciate the visible and noticeable results of the effectiveness of our formulas, which we are pleased to share, because it is possible to achieve substantial improvements in your appearance with KUMIKO, with effective solutions to skin aging problems.

For 6 weeks, women between 28 and 63 years old used KUMIKO products in scheduled use routines, all achieving positive changes. They were divided into two groups.


Clinical Test Methodology

Our proposal

To benefit patients with a concept of maintenance and prolongation of the results achieved in CLP, to verify the favorable changes in the skins treated with different KUMIKO products.


To show the changes after regular use of some KUMIKO products on selected areas of the face of the participating patients. The requirement was a commitment to complete the Clinical Test and to be consistent in the application of the products.

Action Plan

The evaluation was carried out as follows. In both groups, photos were taken in the clinic as a record of these areas: upper, middle, and lower third of the face.

  • Before treatment.
  • After treatment.
  • After 3 weeks of using the treatment products.
  • After 6 weeks of using the treatment products.

Items evaluated

In the stages mentioned above, patients and their doctor completed a form where these concerns were evaluated:

  • Lost of firmness: The face loses firmness due to the passage of time and the reduction of fibers such as collagen and elastin. As we age, the face becomes less smooth and begins to lose elasticity.
  • Radiance: It gives the face great attractiveness and is often associated with a state of health and well-being. Luminous skin exhibits self-light and just the right glow, with a healthy-looking appearance, adequate hydration, and toning.
  • Pores-Sebaceous glands = Skin texture: Pores are small holes in the skin that are related to genetic inheritance, nutrition and environment. On the other hand, the skin breathes, nourishes, feeds and oxygenates through the sebaceous (or sweat) glands. Skin texture refers to the smoothness, uniformity and general appearance of the skin (pores). It is important to know that treatment creams penetrate through the sebaceous glands; not through the pores. As a result, proper cleansing of the face is essential so that the dermocosmetic treatments really enter and take effect. Only then the skin will look smoother, healthier and with good texture.
  • Wrinkles: Folds that form in the skin, usually as we age, due to a lack of collagen and elastin. Also, due to external factors such as exposure to ultraviolet light, smoking, and repetitive facial expressions. Some wrinkles turn into deep creases or furrows and are most noticeable around the eyes, mouth, and neck.
  • Expression lines: These are facial wear lines that appear in the areas of the face where there is a greater impact due to the gesticulation process and, of course, they increase with age.
  • Dark circles: Visible effect of blood vessels that darken under the eyes due to lack of adequate oxygen or hydration. It is an area of very thin skin, since it does not contain fatty tissue. The most common causes are hormonal or circulation problems, smoking, alcohol intake, overexposure to unprotected sunlight, lack of nutrients, dry skin, and lack of rest.
  • Eye bags: They appear when swelling occurs under the eyes. They are common as you age, when tissues lose turgor and weaken, including some of the muscles that support the eyelids.


Clinical Test Results

Group 1: Patients who applied Botox

Valentina, 31 years old:

When I started using KUMIKO products my skin adapted very well to them. In week 2, I noticed even more favorable changes regarding facial firmness, expression lines, dark circles, and eye bags. From week 3 I noticed greater general luminosity and, from week 4, there was a substantial improvement in the quality of the pores, as well as in all the concerns analyzed. At week 6, I was very impressed with the significant and visible changes, even in the most faded wrinkles.

Francisca, 29 years old:

During the first week I tried the KUMIKO products, I discovered the positive effects on my facial skin, especially in terms of firmness, radiance and dark circles under the eyes. As the days progressed, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines improved. From week 4 to week 6, I noticed significant changes in all the items evaluated: firmness, luminosity, pores, wrinkles, lines, dark circles, and bags.

Juliana, 49 years old:

Since the beginning of applying the KUMIKO formulas I can say that I experienced a positive evolution in the quality of my facial skin. Within a few days, aspects such as luminosity, pores, wrinkles, lines and dark circles began to have changes. Starting from week 4, I highlight the benefits in luminosity, wrinkles and expression lines. The pores became more refined towards week 6, while the firmness also improved.

Macarena, 46 years old:

I noticed the first changes when using KUMIKO formulas in the improvement of facial firmness, luminosity, wrinkles and expression lines. In weeks 2 and 3, I noticed benefits in my dark circles under my eyes, which had a more rested appearance. I then noticed the same with the bags under my eyes. By week 6, with the continuous use of the products, all the items tested had significant changes and I am very happy.






Group 2: Patients who had skin cleansing

Macarena, 36 years old:

Since the first week of using KUMIKO products my face has changed for the better. Firmness, luminosity, pores, wrinkles, lines, dark circles and bags responded well. By week 3, I noticed a significant change in the way expression lines and wrinkles were diminishing. Then, I noticed less loss of firmness and an improvement in the luminosity of my face. By week 6 I can say that I was very satisfied with the overall positive result achieved.

Margarita, 63 years old:

First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be part of the study. I am happy with the results! My skin looks smoother, brighter and my skin looks better in general. I will continue to use the products in the future. At the beginning of the use, I would like to highlight the improvement in the luminosity of my face. Then, the condition of my pores, firmness, fine lines and dark circles under my eyes improved.

Valentina, 28 years old:

From the first week of use, I noticed a few red spots, like allergies, and more pimples than usual. At the same time, my skin was getting softer. By week 3, the pimples were disappearing and my skin began to brighten up, especially my nose. From week 4, I don't know if I got used to it and I didn't see my face as bright. In the end, I noticed an improvement in the bags and dark circles under my eyes.







Testimony of Doctor Pedro Vidal:


The results of the study have been exceptionally favorable to the evaluation of the treating team; In addition, patients have expressed their satisfaction with the notable advances in the appearance and health of their skin, having evaluated problems such as firmness, luminosity, wrinkles, expression lines, dark circles, bags under the eyes, porosity and the overall perception of your appearance.

With over 30 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, I fully endorse the effectiveness of the KUMIKO products used in this study with the methodology described. Advances and innovation in skincare are a priority for Clínica La Parva and we are very pleased to share this experience.

This has been a collaborative work between Clínica La Parva and KUMIKO that we hope to continue in progressive stages and levels for the advancement in skincare with increasingly effective and revolutionary solutions.


We are a dermocosmetic brand that defends its promise:


To provide efficient solutions with tangible benefits and real results to skin aging problems, to achieve a healthy and radiant appearance.

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