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To global icon, Ricky Martin, from all of the roles he plays, being a dad is his absolute favorite

To global icon, Ricky Martin, from all of the roles he plays, being a dad is his absolute favorite

As a Father's Day gift, Ricky Martin, the renowned artist, entertainment phenomenon, game changer and business mogul- partner of KUMIKO™ Skincare, shares the most valuable and meaningful learnings that have enriched his life through the years and shaped his purpose as a dad, his most important role. 


When talking about his own growth, Ricky Martin speaks candidly and honestly about his father and the fundamental principles he learned as a kid when he was just beginning without a doubt, one of the most successful musical careers in history. His humbleness is an invitation to pause, stop, observe and just be present.  

"I've always seen my dad as an elegant man with impeccable style, maintaining his haircut and his beard ...his cologne was a must as well," says the Puerto Rican artist. " I also remember with nostalgia when my grandfather used a shaving cream brush... I watched him in such a meditative state-ritual and I think I owe him that discipline of taking care of my skin. When I left home I was 12 years old, I was a teenager -and there were times when I did not look after my skin until I matured of course and took that with me. I have applied these learnings for years, in front of the cameras and on stage...personal care and wellbeing are essential for me and it's a non-negotiable part of my daily routine." he adds.

When we talk about misconceptions in terms of men caring about themselves, Martin narrates his own experience without any difficulty.

"For a long time, people said men did not have to care much about their personal appearance or well-being...But, in my case, since I was a kid, I remember my grandfathers cared about those things. Their skin rituals were a daily routine for them and they always finished with cologne. So, I learned that taking care of yourself physically and mentally is equally vital to navigate everything that happens in your life," explains the spokesperson and partner of KUMIKO™ Skincare, who made famous the Matcha Intense Recovery Proteoglycans Plus hero product by coining them little wrinkle eaters.

"There can be chaos around you but if you have done the work, taking time to practice wellbeing rituals and strengthen your relationship with yourself you'll be capable of overcoming any situation in the best way possible. The simple fact of dedicating a couple of minutes to yourself every day and giving yourself love whether it is hydrating your skin with a good skin cream or working out, being with your family or meditating is something incredibly beneficial for men and for everyone. This is what helps me balance my life with this crazy career."

It is not a secret that Ricky protects his personal life at all cost and that includes his beloved children. Nevertheless, whenever someone mentions them, he smiles, after all, he can't help it.

When responding with which is the best gift he has received from them he just responds: "The fact that they exist is the best gift they can give me. Time goes by so quickly, one day they're babies and all of a sudden, they're teenagers, this is why it is so important for me to be with my kids.  If I'm working, I bring them with me and I don't let my agenda keep me far or away from them for more than three days. I have done this since they were born and it won't change." he says.  "I'm obsessed with my the good sense of the word. I wake up early every morning and I cook, play with them, take them to their practices...all those things that us fathers do for their kids...I think I'm a nurturer, but how can I not be, if they just look at me and they have me in the palm of their hands," he finishes.

KUMIKO™ Skincare is the perfect gift this Father's Day and always.

Pamper him and pamper yourself with this limited edition set!

Includes: Matcha Perfect Skin Refiner, Matcha Intense Recovery Proteoglycans Plus and you'll receive as a gift the Matcha Luxurious Face Wash = $215 USD (Valued $271.5 USD)

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