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KUMIKO Skincare celebrates —in the markets where it is present— the common ingredient in all its formulations: 100% organic Japanese Matcha Tea. Applause for this beauty elixir and ancient superfood with extraordinary antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

"WHY WE 💚 MATCHA" is the slogan with which KUMIKO Skincare praises 100% organic Japanese Matcha Tea, one of its fundamental pillars, together with mesotherapy and encapsulation technology, which result are unique multi-action formulas that penetrate the dermis with tangible results and powerful anti-aging benefits. The program includes various activities aimed at #KUMIKOLOVERS and #MATCHALOVERS in the United States, Mexico, and Chile, to be held on May 2nd, 2023, the official celebration of International Matcha Day.

KUMIKO's reasons to love Matcha Tea:

🍃 It is an antioxidant 137 times more powerful than regular green tea.

🍃 It has antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, free radical, protective and skin metabolism stimulating properties.

🍃 It delays the natural aging of cells.

🍃 Protects against pollution.

🍃 Reduces inflammation.

🍃 Eliminates redness.

🍃 Tones the skin and makes it look radiant by improving elasticity.

🍃 Helps retain moisture and freshness in the dermis and strengthens the protective layer.

As a superfood, other health benefits are its anti-cancer effects, because its catechins and polyphenols have been shown to help anti-inflammatory processes. Also, Matcha prevents inflammatory damage to cells, which could lead to malfunctioning of the body, and acts as a cardio protector by decreasing oxidative stress in the heart. Its antiviral properties support the immune response to infectious processes and improve cognitive function, being a powerful shield to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. 

Where does the 100% organic Matcha Tea come from?

It is made from the buds and leaves of the 'camellia sinensis'. During most of their growth, tea plants are partially covered to protect them from excessive direct sunlight. This process allows them to produce a high amount of amino acids and bioactive components, such as chlorophyll, theanine, caffeine and various types of catechins, which, in addition to their healthy properties, are responsible for their flavor and bright green color. A few weeks before harvest, the plantations are completely covered and the leaves of the plant go through a drying process. Once harvested, the leaves and shoots are slowly ground to a fine, shiny and slightly bitter powder. As it is ground leaves, Matcha keeps the purest aromas and flavors, as well as its beneficial compounds.

A unique and unbeatable beauty elixir due to its extraordinary properties, which KUMIKO integrates as the common DNA of its entire anti-aging dermocosmetic line.

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To global icon, Ricky Martin, from all of the roles he plays, being a dad is his absolute favorite

Lets meet again....face to face!

Lets meet again....face to face!

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KUMIKO Certifications

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