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During Hispanic Heritage Month, CATA AGUIRRE, chilean, esthetician and founder of KUMIKO Skincare —first dermocosmetic line with 100% organic Matcha Tea in all its formulas + Mesotherapy + Encapsulation Technology, with presence in LatinX markets, including the US and Mexico—invites you to become aware of the short and long-term benefits of maintaining a proper skincare routine.


In current Hispanic Heritage Month, we celebrate the achievements of KUMIKO Skincare’s founder & CEO, CATA AGUIRRE, a chilean esthetician with more than 15 years of experience practicing cosmetology. Mother of 4 children, journalist, teacher and chosen one of the 100 Women Leaders 2022 in Chile, she boosts her career as a businesswoman ruled by excellence. Since 2018 she has built a successful anti-aging dermocosmetic brand, today in full international expansion, with Ricky Martin as brand partner. KUMIKO has presence in the United States (with FDA registration), in addition to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama and Chile, while operations are planned in other markets, specially hispanic ones.

For CATA AGUIRRE, concern for appearance and well-being is directly related to self-love. She sends a message to take seriously how important it is to take care of our body's largest organ: the skin. She recognizes that "more and more women and men are aware and determined to do everything they can to achieve this. It is essential to be consistent and dedicated, towards the goal. I love promoting self-care, feeling and looking good, aspiring to look as radiant and healthy as possible". And, of course, that's what drives her at KUMIKO. "For me, building beauty from within becomes a lifestyle that highlights one's individuality and essence. I believe that first we must love ourselves, in order to love others...".

She explains that KUMIKO's purpose is to redefine the skincare experience with highly efficient products for all skin biotypes. The formulas are designed to provide a 360° response to different skin problems, all created in Barcelone, based on the powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties of 100% organic Japanese Matcha Tea + Mesotherapy + Encapsulation Technology.

CATA makes the call: “I encourage you to enjoy the benefits of a proper skincare routine. If it becomes difficult because you don't have time, I invite you to change the focus: do it for yourself, to give yourself a unique moment of self-care, within an exclusive space to relax and love. You will realize that there is a big difference between doing it as another duty, or because I love myself, I take care of myself and I deserve it”.

Taking care of your skin should be a habit, and this is created after 28 days of repetition. “A skincare habit is a routine or set of regular practices that a person follows to maintain health and the best appearance possible”, says CATA. The benefits are innumerable and, also, a way to prevent reversible and problematic aging situations, which will occur anyway, but which we must treat with the best dermocosmetic products.

What steps are essential in an effective facial routine?

A proper skincare routine is made up of 3 steps: Facial Cleansing, Specific Treatments and Moisturizing and Nourishing products to seal. It is very important to prevent and take care of the skin from an early age and always use sun factor above 30 SPF.

Step 1 Cleansing: Its objective is to remove dirt, accumulated toxins and make-up, leaving the skin prepared for the care and moisturizing products to be better absorbed. Perform AM and PM.

Step 2 Specific treatments: These are products with a higher concentration of active ingredients to achieve tangible benefits from the dermis, and visible on the surface. They target specific skin concerns more efficiently.

Step 3 Moisturizing and Nourishing: To seal any facial treatment, moisturizing and nourishing creams are essential. KUMIKO formulas are multi-action and contain selected active ingredients for deep hydration and nourishment, as well as technology capable of penetrating to the inner layers of the skin.

For CATA, beauty is self-love, self-care, perseverance.

Go ahead and you will see the change!

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Do you know what the three steps of the skincare routine are?

Do you know what the three steps of the skincare routine are?

What makes KUMIKO products so special?

What makes KUMIKO products so special?

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